Devin Hester – Gangsta
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4 min – Dec 13, 2006
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var options = {}; options.url = “\75-1344894622176835437”; options.title = “Devin Hester – Gangsta”; options.description = “Devin Hester broke the record for most TD returns in a season\r\n\r\nThis is the game in which he broke it\r\n\r\nIt also features other Bears highlights from the game”; options.type = “video”; options.image = “\75vss\46contentid\75e2a82bca4bda5632\46offsetms75125000\46itag\75w320\46lang\75en\46sigh\75uAOzTo9s1JAxuRQNZI96bI0wb6o”; options.defaultTab = “email”; options.popup = true; options.googleinternal = true; var widget = new google.share.SharingWidget( “emailWidget”, options);

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